Literature / quality descriptions

We make 'up to date' use of the various catalogs and reference works for the stamps:

Whole World - Michel, except for the following areas:
The Netherlands and territories - NVPH
Belgium and territories - OBP
England and Territories - Stanley Gibbons
France and territories - Yvert
Italy - Sassone
Scandinavia - Facit
Switzerland - Zumstein
USA – Scott
and various specialized literature

We have an extensive library at our disposal for coins/tokens and paper money.

Stamp quality descriptions

MNH = without sticker with original gum
unused = with sticker (rest) with original eraser
used (?) = cancelled in the period of use
without gum (z)  = unused but without gum

luxury ex. = exceptionally good quality and perfectly centered
splendor ex. = without defect(s)
mostly beautiful ex. = majority of the catalogue value

nice ex. = with (minor) defect(s)

Coin quality descriptions

FDC = fleur de coin
unc = uncirculated/uncirculated

Proof = struck with a special stamp
beautiful = pr.
very nice = zf
beautiful = f.
very good = z.g.

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