General auction conditions of De Nederlandsche Postzegel- en Muntenveiling BV, Leeuwenveldseweg 14, 1382 LX Weesp, Holland. These conditions apply to all our transactions, filed at the registry of the District Court in Amsterdam on 5-12-2000 under number 235/2000. Chamber of Commerce no. 33158090


For stamps, coins, medals, banknotes, etc., which have been accepted for public sales of movable property, to be held by DE NEDERLANDSCHE POSTZEGEL- AND MUNTENVEILING BV, Leeuwenveldseweg 14a, 1382 LX Weesp, Holland

1 The sale takes place with 25% commission for every purchase incl. VAT.

Payment within 8 days after the last auction day, after which the purchased item can be received. Shipment of purchases is at your own risk, our insurance only covers damage to the item, not if it is missing. Shipping costs are variable based on applicable rates and transport insurance will be charged.

2 The bidding steps are as follows:

From        To            Bid Step:

0,-           100,-         5,-

100,-       300,-        10,-

300,-       700,-        20,-

700,-       1,500,-     50,-

1,500,-    3,000,-     100,-

3,000.-    7,000.-     200.-

7,000,-    15,000,-   500,-

15,000,-  30,000,-   1,000,-

30,000,-  70,000,-   2,000,-

70,000,-  150,000,- 5,000,-

From150,000,-        10,000,-

The auctioneer may deviate from this at its own discretion.

3 Bids are irrevocable. Written bids must be received by us 24 hours before the start of the auction, preferably by e-mail. You will always receive a confirmation of receipt. In the case of equal orders, the first order received takes precedence. Written bids must be equal to our applicable bidding steps listed under point 2, any rounding will be done to the nearest bidding step. We will treat your bids as if you were in the room bidding. Live online bidding is possible with us at no extra cost. You must register well in advance via our website Commercially, we are a public auction that offers the opportunity to bid online. The auctioneer is not responsible for damage as a result of failed online bids, complaints on this are not possible.

4 The highest bidder is the buyer; if there is any doubt between two or more bidders, the auction will decide whether or not the sale will be put on the table again. We do not do after sales.

5 The auctioneer has the right to combine or split lots, to deviate from the order of the auction numbers and not to auction material of which the sale has been announced. The auctioneer is not liable for incorrect descriptions in the auction catalogue to the entrant or buyer. Not even for wrong statements to either of them.

6 The auctioneer reserves the right to withhold allocation to undesirable persons or to refuse them access to the sales room.

7 The right of ownership of the purchased item transfers to the buyer upon payment, the risk with the surcharge.

8 All lots are sold as they were put up for auction. The authenticity and quality (except for items that are in collections, remnants, booklets, boxes, etc.) are guaranteed. In the unlikely event that an item, whose authenticity is guaranteed, is not found to be genuine by a generally recognized expert, the entire lot will be taken back for the full purchase price up to 14 days after the auction has ended. The quality of the stamps is described to the best of our knowledge. Any complaints about this will be reported to us within 14 days after the auction has ended and can only be processed if the lots are described as unc, MNH, beautiful ex. and the like and contain no more than 5 items. This advertising period can be extended if more time is needed for inspection, the auctioneer must be informed of this within 14 days after the auction. In all advertisements, the items must be returned in the same condition in which they were sold.

9 When in the catalogue it is stated: “mostly” this means the majority of the catalogue value. The photo is decisive for colour, perforation, centering and advertisements in this regard will not be accepted.

10 If the buyer remains in default, the auctioneer is entitled, and the buyer obliged, to pay an interest of 1.0% per month commenced, possibly increased by the costs incurred by the auctioneer. The auctioneer may also re-sale the purchased goods at the expense and expense of the purchaser, subject to interest and the usual sales commission, in its next auction, in the same manner and under the same conditions as stated above, without it being necessary for the negligent purchaser to order or other similar deed, so that he is in default by the mere expiry of the specified period, while all rights of the buyer after he is in default with payment are nullified and the new auction can take place without that it is necessary to claim any dissolution in rights. The costs, damages and interest incurred by such new sale must be reimbursed by the defaulting buyer within eight days of the cost, damage and interest being stated, while the benefit of a larger proceeds will be enjoyed by the auction house.

11 Everyone is considered to have bought for himself. The buyer will therefore never be able to rely on a principal.

12 Disputes between the auctioneer and the buyer will in the first instance be settled by the competent court in Amsterdam, on the understanding that the auctioneer has the right, on its part, to sue the buyer before the court that is competent for the buyer's domicile.

13 Anyone who views a collection is expected to return a viewed stamp to the place where it belongs and with the image side first. Persons who replace seals incorrectly or vice versa will be held accountable for this.


On which stamps, coins, medals, banknotes, etc. are accepted for public sales of movable property, to be held by DE NEDERLANDSCHE POSTZEGEL- en MUNTENVEILING BV, Leeuwenveldseweg 14a, 1382 LX Weesp, Holland.

1 Under these terms and conditions:

- SELLER: THE DUTCH POST STAMP AND COIN AUCTION BV, Leeuwenveldseweg 14a, 1382 LX Weesp

- CONTRIBUTOR: The person under whose name the goods have been submitted or his agent.

- AUCTION: Any public sale held by or on behalf of the seller.

2 Each entrant is deemed to be familiar with these terms and conditions and with the terms and conditions of sale stated herein, which have been filed with the Registry of the District Court in Amsterdam. These conditions can only be deviated from by written agreement.

3 It is assumed that all goods delivered to the seller are, unless otherwise instructed, intended for unlimited sale in auction, without an explicit order being issued. The seller reserves the right to refuse entries.

4 The seller determines when the goods will be put up for auction. The interests of entrants will be taken into account as much as possible.

5 The seller arranges the auctions entirely at his own discretion. The seller is authorized, if in its opinion no suitable offer is made, not to award an article and to hold it at the expense of the sender. In this case, no costs will be charged for the cancellation. All goods held up, including those referred to in Article 7, can be offered for sale again by the seller at subsequent auctions without prior notification to the sender. When selling goods, the seller will try to negotiate the best possible price.

6 An auction order is irrevocable for a period of one year. After that, it can be withdrawn, unless the auction has already been announced. In that case, the seller reserves the right to charge compensation of 20% of the amount that, according to the seller's valuation, the good could have been fetched in public sale. In addition, all costs and advances incurred are for the account of the submitter.

7 The sales commission is 20% of the proceeds including VAT, with a minimum of €75. Advances paid, inspection costs, plate costs, etc. are always at the expense of the entrants. For an entry that consists entirely or mainly of labour-intensive material or for smaller entries, the commission is 26% instead of 20% including VAT. Settlement and payment will take place 5 to 6 weeks after the sale, in connection with the advertising period, especially for the many foreign buyers. If the buyer wishes to have the goods purchased by him/her inspected/inspected, this term can be extended. In the event that the buyer should fail to pay for the goods, the seller reserves the right to regard the sale transaction as not having taken place vis-à-vis the consignor.

8 The allotment of the goods will be done in an expert manner and to the best of our knowledge. Insofar as the seller deems this necessary, or if he expects a higher yield as a result, he can have stamps, coins, etc. inspected by recognized experts. All stamps, coins, etc. (except in collections, remnants, etc.) are sold by the seller on behalf of the entrants as being genuine and properly described. The description is extremely accurate. However, insofar as goods are unexpectedly returned as not meeting the description, the sale will be cancelled and the sender is obliged to refund an amount already paid for it.

9 Valuation of the goods can be carried out at the following costs:

a at the office a minimum rate of €75,= 2% on the first €7,500,= 1.50% of the amount between €7,500,= to €15,000,= and
1% on amounts above €15,000

b for appraisals at home, travel costs will be charged in addition, with a minimum of 200.= Valuation costs will be refunded if the goods are returned to the seller for auction within 1 year.

10 The goods will be treated by the seller with the greatest possible care as if they were his own goods, and will be insured against damage and theft during his own transport and at the office. Shipments to and from inspectors are insured by the seller for a value appraised by him. The seller is authorized, without prior notice to the sender, to open all packaging and closures and to take these measures in order to achieve a better yield. Goods are returned to him who demonstrates his authority to the satisfaction of the seller. The seller is entitled to retain the goods until payment of what is owed to him has taken place.

11 If these general terms and conditions may conflict with any customary stipulation or with any custom, these terms and conditions will apply.

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