Since June 1, 2000 in Weesp, a modern location furnished to the needs of our time: with its own auction room and spacious viewing and working areas, easily accessible by both car and public transport, private parking, but old-fashioned craftsmanship and expertise.


The Nederlandsche Postzegelveiling BV was founded in 1942. After a number of management changes, it was taken over in 1979 by Paul Bulterman and Cees Muis, both well-known in the stamp world. In 1980, the auction of coins was also started. with a branch in the heart of Amsterdam on the Rokin.

Paul Bulterman was active until 1991 and was succeeded by his son Bas, Cees Muis retired in 2003 and was succeeded by René Dresken. These changes had no consequences for expertise, Bas and René have both been spoon-fed their knowledge. After that, Martijn Bulterman made his appearance. Martijn has been involved in philately and numismatics from an early age and he has also been chairman of the NVPH, the umbrella trade association for philately, for many years.

The Netherlands Stamp and Coin Auction has a history of close cooperation with collectors, traders and resellers and above all a great reputation outside the Netherlands. We can therefore advise our clients on the most suitable way to sell their collection.

Our company is very healthy, affiliated with all trade unions, financially independent and has grown into the largest in the Netherlands.

Our specialists

Our specialists: they are the linchpin of our organization, several specialists are at your disposal every day between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., with a wealth of experience and knowledge gained over the years, in the field of stamps, postal history and numismatics and they can help you in-depth information about all options. At the office we have an extensive library with hundreds of numismatic and philatelic reference works.

Trade unions:
  • NVPH (Dutch Association of Stamp Dealers)
  • IFSDA (International Organization of Stamp Dealers)
  • PTS (Philatelic Traders Society)
  • BVPH (Professional Association Stamp Traders)
  • NVMH (Dutch Association of Coin Traders).

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