In 80 years many collections of stamps, coins and banknotes have passed through the hands of our auctioneers and appraisers. Offered in plastic bags, sagging cardboard storage boxes and a colourful collection of storage boxes. We also found a wealth in it letters, envelopes and stamps, bringing history as seen through our eyes to life. Wrong printing or misprint, it makes us happy. The more unique, the better. Collecting dusty? Maybe from the outside. The content and meaning of the collections, the passion of the collectors, the curiosity of the young child; it is timeless and eternity seeps through it. A bit like our house-fortress. Once started at the stately Rokin in Amsterdam, we moved auction house to a new building in the historic fortified town of Weesp. Here too, our trade is flourishing and we are evolving with it. We are now number one auction house in the Netherlands and we are among the best in the world of philately and numismatics. Our centuries-old collections come from all over the world and are found and collected everywhere. From the smell of nicotine and steel safes to the digital world, where 80% of the offer, the input in our jargon, goes from and to abroad. And the NPV, the Dutch Stamp and Coin Auction, is adapting. We are already looking forward to the collecting drive of the youngest generations.

This website is of course not sufficient to show our field of expertise in all its glory. They do show a glimpse of our passion, which we are happy to share with our customers. We will continue to travel (both physically and digitally) around the world to find the most beautiful collections for all our relations. Thank you very much for your trust and stories. And see you soon!

The team of the NPV

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