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World collections, lots and dealerstocks in boxes
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WORLD, during our valuation days in Paris in June of this year someone came with this box. He bought for many years around the whole world mostly only classic stamps from all over the world. He decided to stop collecting because he could not find time to build a real collection like he had in mind. When we looked at it for more than a hour we were very surprised because there was a great part of good high noted stamps of many countries there. On his request he wanted us to sell this for him at "any" price as one lot. To our opinion the startingprice is very low, you have to find out yourself what the real value is but we are for sure it is much more than the startingprice. We advise you to take enough time to view this fabulous lot with attention because we found very good stamps hidden away, this is a great lot to work out and sell by internet, in albums, stockbooks, stampbags and many stockcards, in large box
Start: € 20000
Price realised: € 25000

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