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WORLD 1845-1985, (un)used/never hinged collection. During our valuationdays in Nice(France) there came a nice friendly man with only a few books of this valuable well organised worldwide collection. After we had seen these few books(Australia, Switzerland, U.S.A. and Netherlands). He told us that it was only a part of his total collection, but because it was to much to take along we had to come to his house in Juan Les Pins. We arranged with him to visit him in the evening after the valuationday. After a tour of over an hour along the coast of South France we entered his property. After a glas of wine he showed us his complete collection that we have now in auction.What we saw was a fresh and fascinating collection with a great range of mouthwatering stamps and sets of many countries. The collection contains collections of all parts of the World. For example very nice European countries with a good collection of Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal. Germany and Switzerland but also Eastern Europe with a great collection of Russia, Poland, Romania, Hungaria, etc. From North- and South America a very nice collection of U.S.A. with much high noted stamps and sets like Columbusset up to the $5,= unused, and further very nice South American countries. From Asia a good collection of Thailand, Japan, Korea and even some China. From Oceania nice Australia and States. Good part Middle East with the popular countries very well represented, further Africa with many countries incl. good part Cape of Good Hope. The Colonies of Great Britain and France are very strong in the collection. The starting price is just a fraction of what it is really worth but you have to find out yourself by viewing it, what we know for sure is that the cataloguevalue is tremendous. All in all a very impressive collection that is well worth studying carefully, reserve enough time to view this collection, housed in 132 stockbooks
Start: € 25000 | Price realised: € 0
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