How to bid

You can bid in the following ways:
  • LIVE-online: Bidding anywhere in the World and from your own place via your computer, tablet or smartphone. To be able to bid online, you must register via our website As a permanent relationship, you automatically receive a bid limit of €10,000. If you want to increase this limit, you must submit a request immediately after registration so that we can approve and adjust it.
  • In the auction room
  • In writing: fill in your bid form and send it to us or email These must be received by us 24 hours before the start of the auction. For our bidding steps, see info on the left.

Bidding steps

from until bidding step
- €100,= 5,=
€100,= €300,= 10,=
€300,= €700,= 20,=
€700,= €1,500,= 50,=
€1,500,= €3,000,= 100,=
€3,000,= €7,000,= 200,=
€7,000,= €15,000,= 500,=
€15,000,= €30,000,= 1,000,=
€30,000,= €70,000,= 2,000,=
€70,000,= €150,000,= 5,000,=
€150,000,= 10,000,=
Via one of our Auction agents: who are present at the auction.

Theo Bakker
tel.+31(0)570-633258 (mobile 0652461402)

Ries van den Heuvel
tel. +31(0)6-54234526

Lorenz Kirchheim
Phone +49(0)40-64532545

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