How to buy?

Buying at an auction is often an exciting way to buy stamps or coins, it is very easy to participate, below some explanation:

Our richly illustrated catalog will be published approximately 4 weeks before the auction. It is available on request by transferring €25 for the stamps and €20 for the coins. The catalog can also be viewed in its entirety via our website WWW.NPV. NL, here you will find a detailed description of the offer of the upcoming auction and all photos in full-color, our catalogs will be consulted by collectors for years to come.

Viewing days

All lots can be viewed during our viewing days before the auction starts, so our specialists are happy to advise you. The viewing days are there for you to determine your bid. As a rule, the lots and collections yield a multiple of the bet prices determined by us. These viewing days are public.

The bidding

Being present in the room in person, you will receive a bid number prior to the auction after registration. With this you can bid yourself by holding up this card in the auction room if the desired lot is for sale. It's really not that every simple gesture, as is often feared, could be interpreted as a new bid.
In writing, you can have your bids carried out by us, for this you leave a bid slip with us or send it by post, fax or e-mail, after which we will take care of your bids with the greatest care and discretion.
Bidding by telephone for lots with a high yield value is also possible. For new clients, we ask for identification and references.

Going one, twice, sold!
If the lot has been sold to you, you can receive your purchase after payment, the price to be paid is the hammer price plus commission and table money, this is already possible 5 minutes after the auction, so you do not have to wait until the end of the auction.
Written bidders will receive a message as soon as possible, usually 2 days after completion, their purchase can be sent or picked up after payment.
There are various options for payment, an ATM is available. Feel free to stop by, and you will see that buying at an auction is very easy.

If you want to bid in writing at our auction house for the first time, you will have to create an account, if you are already a customer you can request a password with your customer number or e-mail address. Submit your bids as soon as possible. Bids can be processed up to 24 hours before the start of the auction session. in case of equal bids, the first incoming takes precedence.

Bidding steps are roughly as follows:

  • from €10 to €100 with €5
  • from €100 to €300 with €10
  • from €300 to €500 with €20
  • from €500 to €1,500 with €50
  • from €1,500 to €3,000 with €100
  • from €3,000 to €10,000 with €200
  • > €10,000 with €500
  • the auctioneer determines the bidding steps, but the increase is max. 10% per bidding step

Bids that do not match the bidding increments will be rounded down and will not take precedence over an equal bid unless received earlier.

Your bids will be treated by us with the utmost care and discretion. However, we cannot accept any responsibility for errors and/or omissions, either by De Nederlandsche Postzegel- en Muntenveiling or by the bidder.

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