How to sell?

The major advantage of an auction is that both the entrant and the auction house have an interest in the highest possible yield.
Let our clientele be in your favor. More than 26,000 clients worldwide. Internationally best oriented.

You can make an appointment at our office for an appraisal, or just drop by during office hours (between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.) free parking in front of the door. You can bring your equipment yourself, so that you can also get to know our team. The collection can be picked up by us in consultation, or sent to us by registered post. The material does not have to be pre-selected, sorted or classified. We have an extensive library at our office to be able to look up specialist material.

We prefer to receive your submission well in advance of the closing date (usually 2 months before the auction) so that we can devote sufficient time and attention to the allotment of your collection.

We look at your collection and provide an estimate of the expected return. If you decide to sell/auction, you can leave your collection with us. This is fully insured from that moment on. We will describe the material with the greatest care and include it in the auction catalog, if necessary with photos.

You will receive a lot statement by post approximately four weeks before the start of the auction, so that you know which lots and which descriptions belong to you.

There are costs associated with the sale, so-called 'commission', this percentage depends on the size and complexity of the collection.
In connection with buyers' advertising period, you will receive a receipt five to six weeks after the auction ends, so that you can immediately dispose of the money.

Direct sale also possible, if desired, against cash payment.

All your belongings are fully insured through us during transport to us (carried out by us) and in our premises.

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