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You can bid in the following ways:

• In writing (fill in your bid sheet and send or email it to us at

• By telephone (only on lots with a start price of € 1,000 or higher)

• Via one of the three commissioners, who are present at the auction live.

Mr. Lorenz Kirchheim
phone. +49(0)40-64532545

Mr. Theo Bakker
phone.+31(0)570-633258 (mobile 0652461402)

Mr. M. van den Heuvel
phone. +31(0)6-54234526

• Online: we have never offered online bidding as an option before but now we do. 

We realized this option specifically for this auction, so you can safely bid from anywhere in the world and from your own place computer, tablet or smartphone.

To be able to bid online, you must register via our website register at

As an known relation you automatically receive a bid limit of € 10,000. Do you want to increase the limit, you must submit a request immediately after registration so we can approve and adjust.

Note: all forms of bidding and registering for the online auction must appear no later than Wednesday 3 June Bidding or registering from June 4 is no longer possible!

the bidding steps are as following:

 -     100,00   5,00   
 100,00   300,00   10,00   
 300,00   700,00   20,00   
 700,00   1.500,00   50,00   
 1.500,00   3.000,00   100,00   
 3.000,00   7.000,00   200,00   
 7.000,00   15.000,00   500,00   
 15.000,00   30.000,00   1.000,00   
 30.000,00   70.000,00   2.000,00   
 70.000,00   150.000,00   5.000,00   
vanaf/from  150.000,00   10.000,00