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The management of De Nederlandsche  Postzegel- en Muntenveiling B.V.  are sworn brokers.

Valuations are done for different reasons:


When you consider selling your collection, our specialists will give you expert  advice regarding the value of your items.  This advice however is not considered an official valuation report.



In the case of fire, theft or damage to your collection it is advisable to have an accurate and extensive valuation report.  Because the value of stamps and coins fluctuates the report has to be updated regularly.  Insurance reports are generally valid for a period of 3 years.


Our brokers can value the collection and provide a valuation report. They can also give advice about how a collection can be divided.

Official estimate/valuation reports can also be provided for solicitors, executors and tax consultants who may need these for their clients.

When you are interested in the current market value of your collection without wishing to sell at auction we can offer you an accurate valuation.

The expenses for an official valuation  report at our office are:
2% over the first €7,500, 1½% for amounts between €7,500 and €15,000 and 1% for amounts above €15,000. There is a minimum charge of €75. All charges are excluding VAT.

For evaluations at your home travel expenses will be incurred with a minimum €150. Verbal estimates are free of charge and remain of an informal nature.  Estimate/valuation expenses are reimbursed when the goods are brought to auction within one year. Prior to your visit, it is advisable to make an appointment with us during office hours 10.00 - 16.00.