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WORLD DEALER STOCK BETTER ITEMS TILL 1940, (un)used/never hinged stock. End 2019 we met an old dealer on the stamp market in Paris, he showed us his stock better material of the whole World. It was housed in many thousands plastic small "pochettes" in a few small boxes. He asked if we were interested to sell it for him in our auction. We asked him what he expected as final result price and he said around ÔÇÜ€100.000,=, but as you can understand we could not get a good impression of the lot because it was in the small bags. We advised him to take everything out and put it in stockbooks. Well he did so and the result is now in our auction with lot number 3078. Last July we met again and he handed me over the lot, he had been working on it for 6 months. The result is amazing, he sorted it out by Country or area and put it mostly in order, in stockbooks. From every Country there are the better stamps we never saw when it was still in bags. In the end he trusted us to sell both lots and and start the lots with a price of ÔÇÜ€25.000,= what is just a fraction of the real value. There is so much material that it is impossible to give a good description, as usual also a small range of forgeries but for 95% genuine stamps. The photo shows just a small part of what there is, you have to see it yourself to figure out how much it is worth. An internet dealer can make many thousands of lots out of this, also many signed by the known experts, in 15 stockbooks and 1 small box
Start: € 25000
Paginavan 122

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