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Kavel 2002
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WORLD 1840-1893, (un)used collection. In the Safe of the Banque Paribas on Boulevard Hausmann, just across the famous shopping mall "Gallerie Lafayette" someone showed us this fantastic collection. It was the heritage of the founder of "The Galignami Library" on rue Rivoli, just behind Boulevard Hausmann. The collection was probably for more than 50 Years in this safe. The owner, who died, showed the collection to a friend who took out some stamps for his own collection, so here and there are stamps missing, but still the collection is full of better items from A till Z, sometimes there are very rare items to be found, specially from French- and English Colonies, but also the European Countries are strongly there, American Countries with very good U.S.A., Asia etc., as usual also some forgeries and some poor quality but all in all a very stunning collection including also duplicates etc. The catalogue value is enormous. On request of the vendor, we start with a low start price because he wants for sure sell it. You have to see this to come to a real price what it is real worth, in 2 beautiful Maury albums
Start: € 25000
Opbrengst: € 27000

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