The Dutch Stamp & Coin Auction

  • The largest stamp and coin auction in the Netherlands
  • More than 80 years of trusted business
  • Team of experienced appraisers
  • Our aim is to achieve the highest returns, in your and our interests
  • Free, no-obligation appraisal at our office
  • Easily accessible by car and public transport
  • Meeting place for collectors and traders
  • Preparing valuation reports for inheritance and insurance
  • Your belongings are insured free of charge during transport and accommodation
  • Worldwide customer base of hundreds of thousands of interested parties
  • Clear pre-made agreements

About us  


In more than 80 years, many collections of stamps, coins and banknotes have passed through the hands of our auctioneers and appraisers. Offered in plastic bags, sagging cardboard storage boxes and a colorful collection of storage boxes. We also found a wealth of letters, postal items and stamps, with which history, as seen through our eyes, comes to life. A wrong print or a mistake, it makes us happy. The more unique, the better. Collecting dusty? From the outside perhaps. The content and meaning of the collections, the passion of the collectors, the curiosity of the young child; it is timeless and eternity seeps

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